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Now Fortified Rice Will Be Available To All

Now Fortified Rice Will Be Available To All

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the initiative of fortified rice to make the country free from malnutrition. Malnutrition has become a serious problem after covid 19. This project is being brought after the success of the pilot project run in 15 states. Also, this project will be implemented across the country. Till the year 2024, only fortified rice will be distributed under the Central Public Welfare including the ration system. What is fortified rice? Iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 are added to rice to make up for the micronutrient deficiency. In addition, this rice can be stored for 1.5 years. According to the survey report of NSSO,  rice is the staple food of 65% of the population in India. Through the Public Distribution System, 3.50 crore tonnes of rice ...
Digital Currency  Will Launch Today By PM

Digital Currency Will Launch Today By PM

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The world is fighting with Corona right now. We all know, due to this, the whole world has faced many challenges. But we should not forget that everything has two sides.  The world is moving ahead in the digital space, especially in India Taking the vision of Digital India further digital, RBI has launched Digital Currency. This digital currency will be like paper notes and coins. The only difference would be that Digital wallet instead of a pocket wallet.  source: Who and when will launch this? According to the statement issued by the PMO, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch this E-rupee digital currency today. It will be a person and purpose-centric digital payment facility. Its purpose is to benefit the public with very limited contact between the g...