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Tuesday, October 4

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First IIT In India: Know History, Establishement

First IIT In India: Know History, Establishement

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After getting independence from the British, a great need was felt to take the country forward On The Path Of Self-Reliance. For this, quality skills needed to also be developed for industrial development. Patriotic scientists and institutions established by their efforts have played an important role in taking the country forward on the path of self-reliance. For this, a committee was constituted. A 12 member committee was formed under the chairmanship of the government to build the first IIT in India. The committee, in its report, recommended the establishment of four higher technical institutions in the eastern, western, northern, and southern regions of the country. Apart from this, it was also urged in that report that establishing these institutions should be started immediately. ...
A New Alert For The Battleground Mobile India Users

A New Alert For The Battleground Mobile India Users

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If you are using Battleground Mobile India, then the company has issued an alert for you. The company is going to issue an alert for its users. Through this alert, when you open the app, the company is giving you a warning. According to that alert, if you are found using any illegal program, the company will access your account. According to the new alert post made by Krafton, if any inappropriate activity is found in the game, action can be taken by the company against the user's account. The investigation of such activities has started on 15 September. According to reports, this will continue until Krafton company himself decides to stop it. It is a kind of reminder for the players who are using illegal programs on Battleground Mobile India.The company of Battleground Mobile Ind...
E-waste Will Be Collected By The  Government

E-waste Will Be Collected By The Government

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Nowadays, the way people want a mobile laptop, according to that e-waste can be harmful to the environment in the coming time. E-waste means any electrical or electronic equipment that has been thrown into the junk when it is damaged, broken, or old. E-waste is not biologically destroyed. They are reused and recycled. As people's desire for electronic gadgets is increasing, we can be a big threat in the coming time, along with the environment. Moore’s law: Will The World Of Computer And Mobile End? The state government will collect the E-waste Because of these apprehensions, the central government is now preparing to make the state governments more accountable. Now the government will have to collect more and more e-waste. According to statistics, only 10 percent of the e-waste ...


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Climate change is the biggest challenge all over the world. This problem is increasing day by day. There are so many reasons for this, including human activities. Due to changing climate, glaciers are melting rapidly. Due to this, the water level of rivers and seas is increasing which will be dangerous for all. A study of climate change Scientists all over the world are studying to know the bad impact of climate change. They are also giving suggestions to stop this.  According to a study by the Indian Institute of Technology Indore, because of climate change, ice and glaciers are melting fast in the series of Himalayas. For this, the water level of rivers Sindhu, Ganga, and Bramhaputra which are originated from the Himalayas are increasing. The head of this research, Dr. M...