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T20 World Cup 2021: Fight For Semi Finals

Which team will reach the semi-finals in the T20 World Cup 2021 is almost decided. England won the match between England and Sri Lanka on November 1, 2021, by 26 runs. Jos Buttler scored a century against Sri Lanka, which was the first century of this T20. Butler’s partnership with captain Eoin Morgan gave England a significant breakthrough in their fourth win. In this way, the England team won for the fourth time in a row and almost confirmed their place in the T20 World Cup 2021 for the semi-finals.

T20 World Cup 2021
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T20 world cup 2021


The start of the England team, who went to bat first, was not good. The team had lost three wickets for 35 runs. But then Buttler scored 101 runs off 61 balls while scoring his first T20 century in the T20 world cup 2021. Playing in partnership with him, Eoin Morgan scored 40 runs in 36 balls. Both helped England overcome the initial setbacks and took the team to the target of 163 runs. Butler completed the century by hitting a six off the last ball of Chamira. And the Sri Lankan team could not achieve this target and lost by 26. In this way, going to the semi-finals of the England team is almost inevitable.


Now let’s talk about Pakistan’s team; Pakistan’s team is winning matches continuously. Pakistan’s team is full of enthusiasm after winning three consecutive games. With this enthusiasm, the Pakistan team will play a tremendous performance with Namibia today, i.e., November 2. After the victory in today’s match, the Pakistan team’s place in the semi-finals will be almost decided. It was believed that Pakistan’s team had not prepared much for the World Cup. Because the group of New Zealand and England had cancelled the tour of Pakistan, the Pakistan team did not get a chance to practice for the T20 world cup 2021. Despite this, Pakistan’s team has performed better in the match so far.

South Africa

If we talk about South Africa, after winning two games, it will face the Bangladesh team today. In Tuesday’s match against Bangladesh, South Africa will do their best to make their place in the semi-finals. With South Africa having a reasonable run rate with 4 points, they are second above Australia. And so the team will try its best in today’s match so that its place in the semi-finals is confirmed.

India In T20 world cup 2021

Now let’s talk about India. India has lost both their matches very badly so far. Because of this, the run rate of the team is also appalling. Winning and losing are always involved in the game, but Indian fans are unfortunate due to India’s defeat because Team India did not struggle to succeed. BCCI is very sad with the performance of Team India as they thought that Team India would at least reach the semi-finals. Virender Sehwag also said that it is disappointing from India. However, there are many fans or speculations that Team India is still likely to get the semi-finals. But for this, Team India should have good both its performance and luck.


India’s next three matches are with the weaker teams in which it is expected that India will win all three games. But here, Team India has to win and have to keep a reasonable run rate. Let’s see the chance that can take Team India to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2021.

  • In Group Two of Super 12th, Pakistan is at one place with six points in the t20 world cup list. Their next two matches are with Namibia and Scotland, which they can easily beat. In this way, Pakistan’s place in the semi-finals is almost inevitable. Here Team India cannot do anything even if it wants.
  • 2 teams from a group can go to the semi-finals in which Pakistan is practically decided. After this, Afghanistan and New Zealand are now at number two and third in the t20 world cup list, who will perform better to go to the semi-finals.
  • India’s three matches in which it also has a game with Afghanistan. If they beat Afghanistan, then Afghanistan will come down the series. For this, Team India will have to win Afghanistan by a considerable margin.
  • Similarly, Team India will have to beat Namibia and Scotland with a massive difference to improve India’s run rate. Along with this, it also has to be seen that the team of Afghanistan had defeated the team of New Zealand by a minimal margin so that its run rate could not be high.
  • Apart from this, it will also have to be seen whether a team from Namibia and Scotland beat New Zealand to reduce the New Zealand Cup points.
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