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Surprise To Know About The Pronunciation Of Ghoti

You must have heard that English is such an interesting language. We write the word something else, but its pronunciation is something else. It is not easy for everyone To Understand English, but it has become a very interesting language for those who understand it. There are some words in the English language whose pronunciation keeps changing everywhere. Like we take the English word C. C for Car and C for City. Both these words start with C, but both have different openings of pronunciation. When we pronounce the car, we get the sound of K. And just opposite when we pronounce the word city, then we get the sound of s. Similarly, in some interesting words of English, today we are going to tell you about the pronunciation Of Ghoti.

pronunciation of Ghoti

Pronunciation of the word Ghoti

What will you say when you pronounce the word Ghoti? Goatee, right. But no, this word is not used here. It is completely wrong. The correct pronunciation of the word Ghoti is Fish. You will be surprised to know that, after all, how can this word be a pronounced fish? We will tell you the explanation, but first, we will tell you about its history. After all, who was the first to pronounciate this word?


An early known published reference is an October 1874 article by S.R. Townshend Meyer in St. James’s Magazine, which describes a letter. The first pronunciation of Ghoti is in a letter dated 11 December 1855 from Charles Olier to Leigh Hunt. In that letter, Oliver explains that “My son William has struck a new method of spelling the fish.” Another pronunciation of the Ghoti, the initial appearance was in a 1937 newspaper article. The term is mentioned in the experimental work of the 1939 James Joyce landmark fiction Finnegans Wake. And thus, the pronunciation of the word Ghoti came in front of everyone. After all, let’s see the explanation of the word Ghoti.


The pronunciation of the word Ghoti is based on its sound. This word is divided into three parts. The sound of the three parts has different pronunciations depending on the different words. Let’s see one by one.

  • Gh: Remember those English words that end with GH, like Laugh, Tough, Enough, Etc. The word we get at the end by pronouncing all these is F.
  • O: Here, you remember the English word “women”. The pronunciation of O in this word is I.
  • Ti: Here, you remember those English words whose word has TI in it, such as Motion, Lotion, Nation, Etc. Here is the pronunciation of ti is Sh.

So when we mix these three sounds, then we get the word, F+I+Sh, i.e., Fish. In this way, we use the word Ghoti to speak Fish. In this way, you have come to know about an interesting word of English. I hope you enjoyed this article and will share it with your friends too.

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