Saturday, September 23

Sunanda Pushkar Case: Delhi Police Filed Complaint Against Shashi Tharoor

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Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet in the Patiala House Court after four years in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case. Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet under section 306 of IPC, which is meant to commit suicide and 498A in the marital life. The Delhi Police had also filed the first case of murder in this case. Police have named Shashi Tharoor as accused The Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet of 3,000 pages. The court will take cognizance on this case on 24th May.

sunanda pushkar murderes case against shashi taroor


Shashi Tharoor Latest News Against Sunanda Pushkar Case-

It is noteworthy that the Delhi High Court had dismissed the plea of ​​BJP leader Subramanian Swamy to probe the death of former union minister and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar. The Delhi High Court had said that this is an example of a PIL petition, not a political interest petition.

High Court had asked the petitioner Subramaniam Swamy what your sources are, from where you have got so much information and on the investigation Questioning? The Delhi High Court said that if you had knowledge of the evidence then why did not you present the evidence before? You have put your petition online.

Sunanda Pushkar Death Case-

Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in a hotel room in New Delhi. The incident happend in 2014 and got great media coverage that time. First it was found out to be a suicide but after some information police found that there is some foul play. The case high media attention due to its high profile in nature. Congress politician Shashi Tharoor was also considered as suspect in the case. But, there is no evidence against him.

sunanda pushkar case


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