Tuesday, October 3

This summer season heat will be more, take good care of your health

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The Meteorological Department has predicted that in this summer season, the heat will be more. This time the temperature will be more than 1 degree Celsius above normal temperature. In all the sub-divisions of the country’s meteorological department, the temperature will be higher than normal from March to May.

heat on summer season

Image: Indiatimes

Which States will be Hit by Summer Season Heat –

The Indian Metrology  department has warned the average temperature in most parts of the country during April to June. This period is considered to be the original summer season. The department said that the eastern, eastern-central and southern India, which included Odisha, coastal Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are expected to be above normal in this period.

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The forecast of the average temperature above normal shows that in the last five years. North and Central India, summer will also be warmer this time as per the trend seen.

Heat Summer Season


Last year in 2017, the Indian Meteorological Department, along with other weather-related agencies, had termed it as the hottest temperature year so far. Prior to that in 2016, it was said to be the hottest year since 1901. That year, the temperature in the Phalodi of Rajasthan reached 51 degrees, which was the highest temperature ever recorded in any place in India.

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