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Stephen Hawkings Biography- The man who never gave up!

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Stephen Hawkings is a world-renowned British physicist, cosmologist, writer and research director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University. Stephen Hawkings is a name that, despite being physically disabled, has created the world’s most unique scientist on the strength of his self-confidence, which has become the inspiration not only in the world, but also the inspiration of ordinary people.  Although ninety percent of his body is disabled, the irony of his capability is considered by the whole world.

Stephen Hawkings illness


Stephen Hawking Scientist Biography-

Full Name Stephen William Hawking
Date of birth 8 January 1942
Birth place Oxford, England
Death March 14, 2018
Institute Cambridge University California Institute of Technology Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
father’s name Frank Hawking
Mother’s name Isabel Hawking
wife Jane Wilde, Ileana Mason
  • University College, Oxford
  • Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Nationality The Britian
Respect & achievement
  • Albert Einstein Award (1978)
  • Wolf Prize (1988)
  • Prince of Asturias Awards (1989)
  • Copley Medal (2006)
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)
  • Specific Fundamental Physics Award (2012)

Despite being physically handicapped, the desire to live has brought him in front of the world as a great man who has no match. Great scientist Stephen William Hawking suffered from Motor Neuron Disease and joined the Newton and Einstein fraternity.

Birth & Early Life

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1, 1942, in a good educated family of Frank and Isabel Hawking in Oxford City. From an early age, Hawking was full of infinite intelligence. Hawking was the eldest of 3 children. His father was a doctor and mother was a house wife. His wisdom was such that people used to call him “Einstien”.

Stephen Hawkings childhood


The time of World War II was challenging for livelihood earnings and his family came to Oxford in search of a safe place. Hawking’s early education came from here. You will be surprised to know that Stephen Hawking today is such a great cosmologist, his schooling was not very excellent. From his childhood, Stephen had a keen interest in mathematics since he was initially a student with fewer marks in his class, but he enjoyed playing board games.

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In his childhood, he had made computers from parts of old electronic devices with the help of some people to solve mathematical equations. But his father wanted to make him a doctor. Well, because of the absence of mathematical subjects at that time, he started taking up the subject of physics and studying further, with the advice of Indian scientist “Jayant Narlikar”, he went on to select the subject of cosmology by keeping his mathematical subjects in mind. He passed his Oxford University examination for his PhD and started his further studies.

Stephen Hawking disease, Disability & Discovery

Stephen Hawking was 21 when he discovered about the disease. He was at his house for a holiday, he was descending from the ladder, suddenly he became unconsciousness and immediately fell down. Initially, everyone considered it  as an incident due to a weakness, but when this happened again,  he found that he has an unknown and never-to-be cure disease. The disease is named after Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In this disease, all the organs of the body gradually stop functioning and the person dies.

At that time, doctors said that Stephen Hawkings would not be able to live more than two years and would soon die. But Hawking had made a full hold on his will and he said that he will live more than 40 years. . In the middle of his own illness, he completed his Ph.D. and married his girlfriend, Jane Wilde; By the time the entire right  portion of his body was paralysed, he used to walk with the stick. Gradually, Hawking’s physical ability began to decline. He started using crutches and stopped lecturing regularly. The limbs of his body slowly stopped working.

Stephen Hawkings disability


But he did not pay attention to all these things and paid attention to the world of science. As the disease progressed, he needed a wheelchair. When everyone lost hope, then Stephen started writing history on his own faith and efforts. Were He has given his inability and illness as a boon. In his own words, “he says,  “Before I was diagnosed with my illness, I was very bored of life. It seemed that nothing was worth it. “

Despite this, Stephen Hawking’ he never gave up. He travelled, participated in public programs and was engaged in  research work till his death . Hawkings provided many important ideologies to the world and made his incomparable contribution in the field of space science.

He gave the concept of black hole to the world. In his own words “Although I can not walk and talk through the computer, I am free from my mind.”

Personal Life

Stephen Hawkings married his girlfriend Jane Wild in 1965, who divorced him  in 1995, Hawking’s second marriage was to Elaine Mason in 1995, who divorced him in 2006. His first wife, Jane Wilde, was very religious while Hawking always challenged God’s existence. Which eventually lead to their split.

Marriage Stephen Hawking with gf



Stephen Hawking age was 76 when that time he breathed last. According to a family spokesman, ‘Hawking had died in Cambridge, in the morning of March 14, 2018. His family issued a statement expressing their grief.

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