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Startup In India: Reason For The Success Of The Startup

Within the last decade, the kind of sensation created by startup in India with their success has given new hope in the country. Now the youth consider the idea of starting their startup as a matter of pride. The result of this thinking is that in the last 7 years, many great startups have started in the country, which has given employment to lakhs of youth and has also changed the market trend. From ordering food, online shopping, booking taxi hotels, etc., there are many such tasks in which there were many hassles earlier. But startup companies have made all these tasks very easy by taking The Help Of E-commerce.

Startup In India

Startup In India

What is a startup?

A startup is said to be such a company that is still in its infancy, i.e., an entrepreneur has just started giving form to any of his ideas. In a way, it was like starting a business on an experimental basis. Such companies are started on a small scale. After that, they often need additional funds from a capitalist to survive in the market. The term came into use during the establishment of several Internet companies in the last decade of the last century. Many young people have started startups after getting their education from institutes like IITs and IIMs. The youth started startups like Flipkart, snapdeal,, dating apps and became successful. They proved that thousands of new jobs and uncountable capital could be created for the country.

For example, the startup Flipkart, which started with just Rs. 40 in 2007, has set this example. They proved that passion is the most important thing to do business of thousands of crores. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who came out of IIT Delhi in 2007, came to this conclusion after working for a few years in the American company Amazon. They thought, why don’t we adopt some online method of shopping in our country itself so that people can shop sitting at home. So they provided the facility to the people to shop from home. Today this company does business worth billions of rupees.

Need Also In Agriculture Sectors

Many other startup in India that started with a new mindset has replicated the same success as Flipkart. However, most of the startups are associated with the service sector. It should also expand into the manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Startups should be encouraged to achieve technological excellence in the agriculture sector. Because in India, a large part of the labor force is still earning a livelihood from agriculture. In such a situation, advancement in agritech is necessary for their development. In the last few years, it has been proved that the economic development of India will no longer be based only on agriculture, nor will it be driven by big industries. Now India will move forward on the strength of many small and medium scale industries.

Startup In India

It is noteworthy that after 2014, the Modi government has done excellent work in this area. After this, the country’s youth started startups somewhere, taking risks with new ideas. Such youth are now writing a new story of the country’s development. Perhaps this is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to celebrate National Startup Day on 16 January every year in the country.

The reason for the success of the startup in India.

One of the mainstays of the startup’s success is the rapid spread of the mobile internet. Only a few years ago, one had to stand in line for hours to buy movie tickets. From shopping to booking hotels or flights, going to the shop or taking the help of an agent was the only option. But with the advent of mobile internet, startup in India providing all these things on the internet emerged. In addition, it made it possible to get hours of work done during the holidays. Although with the advent of the mobile internet, crimes are also enormous, they can also be avoided with understanding and caution.

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