Sunday, October 17

A landlord gave his property to tenants in his will. Read full startling story

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Everyone needs help in their old age. People save one rupee throughout life so that old age can be easily cut. In today’s world, children’s thinking has changed completely, they do not want to be with their parents. While the elderly want to spend their whole life with their children only. But where is the fate of everyone? Now we are sharing a startling story that will teach you good lesson.

startling story of landlord and tenants


A Startling Story of Landlord and Tenant

Today we are going to give you a startling story. For 94 years, a man named Wynford Hodge, after his death, instead of the name of his wife Joan Thompson, made the name of two of his tenants. After 42 years of living with each other, why did Hodge do this with his wife? He also wrote it in will. According to the will, Hodge said that both of my tenants in my last moments had served me a lot. While my four children and wife left me alone. In the will, he told his wife financially comfortable and left for only $ 2.5 in his bank account.

startling story of landlord and tenants for will


At the time of the death, Hodge’s total property cost more than $ 1.5 million.Which he named after two of his tenants. After this, Hodge’s wife Joan Thompson was forced to stay in a nursing home instead of her home. But considering the condition of Joan Thompson, the judge decided to replace Hodge’s will. According to the new will, Thompson was given a cottage worth $ 2.5 million and $ 1.9 million for living.

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This real story should be a good lesson for today’s generation. We should always remember the pain and sufferings our parents took for our upbringing. We should always respect parents.


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