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Starchy Breakfast Can Increase CBD

It is very important to have breakfast at the right time to stay healthy in the life of a human being. Often people do not consider it necessary to have breakfast in the morning before going to the office. And it becomes their habit. Sometimes it happens that people eat something light for breakfast. Even light food can be injurious to health. Because experts say that it is very important to eat a full stomach for breakfast. What to do for breakfast depends on the choice of the people. But eating a starchy breakfast is very dangerous for your health.

starchy breakfast

Don’t eat too much a starchy breakfast

According to the American heart association journal, if you consume a starchy breakfast like potatoes, rice, or pasta in the morning, then it can be dangerous for you. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 44 to 57 percent. Professor of Nutrition and food hygiene Ying Li from Harbin Medical University School of Public Health says that in today’s time, there is a fear inside people that what they should eat to stay healthy. That’s why our team has paid more attention to what time to eat, and which food will be useful for health.

starchy breakfast

The following conclusions emerged from this research.

The risk of cardiovascular disease can be increased by 44 percent in people who prefer Western food. People who ate vegetable-based foods had a 23-31 percent lower risk of developing CBD (Common bile duct) and other diseases. Those who ate more fruit in lunch were also found to have a 34 percent risk of CBD. People who ate high-starch snacks after a meal had a 50-52 percent higher risk of death from any disease and 44-57 percent higher risk of death from CBD disease.

healthy breakfast

Therefore, you should reduce the amount of starch in your food and increase the number of fruits and vegetables. In this run-of-the-mill life, people preferred to eat snacks for breakfast. Because one can be eaten quickly, and secondly, they are less in quantity.

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