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Monday, March 20

Sonu Sood Trying To Cope Up With Father Shakti Sood’s Death

It’s been really tragic to know about recent news of Shakti Sood‘s sudden and shocking demise. Sonu Sood and his entire family is grief struck and have not been talking to media about this. They certainly need time to cope up with such a big loss.

Nothing is revealed yet about the sudden death of Sonu‘s father Shakti Sood and it’s cause. It will take time for every detail to be out about this tragic news.

“Death” can never be controlled and will always remain an “unexpected guest”. It’s so important to cherish all the moments with loved ones every minute. You never know whom you will lose and when it will be the last time you are seeing them ?? This thought itself, will make our hearts feel heavy. Sonu is currently going through that phase along with his family. A very difficult time for all of them.

Our condolences and prayers with Sonu and his family. Sonu, may you and your family get the courage, strength and patience to deal with the loss of your loved one. A father is always the Hero of his or her child. Can’t express in words the pain of a Son losing his own Hero.

Rest in Peace, Shakti Sood.

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