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I Always Wanted to Sing This Type of Song: Sonakshi Sinha

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Sonakshi Sinha debut song for a film was for her movie Akira. The song Hai ranjishein tere mere darmiyaan zindagi, Gunjayishein samjhoton ki dur tak dikhti nahi‘… expresses anger. It is about how she will not stay silent, but fight back. During the shooting of the film “Akira” Sonakshi always sang the song with full enthusiasm.

sonakshi sinha song aaj moond ishqaholic hai


Sonakshi Sinha Records Her First Song in Own Voice-

The producers noticed her singing and asked her to record the song in her voice. Finally Sonakshi Sinha records her first song in her voice for her own film. Everyone was shocked to see her finish the recording of the song in just 30 minutes that to without any rehearsals. Sonakshi felt the song was in tune with the feelings of today’s youth. Music Director Shekhar of the vishal shekhar duo also encouraged and helped her a lot. She says this was the song she always wanted to sing.

Sonakshi sinha recorded her song


Sonakshi Sinha Debut Song-
However Sonakshi’s song “Aaj mood isqhholic hai”, was her first non-film- song recorded by the Meet brothers in 2015.

Sonakshi Just Can’t Stop Singing-

Sonakshi Sinha New Movie-
Sonakshi sinha’s new movie “Yamala pagala dewana fir se” is scheduled to release in October 2018. Sonakshi Sinha sang a song for this movie too with composer vishal Mishra. She has recorded 4 other songs with the same composer. The four new songs of sonakshi Sinha are releasing in the coming months starting this August. The first song is a Punjabi number with an international feel. According to Vishal Mishra they are planning to record more numbers in the coming months as Sonakshi is an amazing singer.

composer vishal Mishra with sonakshi sinha


Sonakshi Sinha LIVE Singing Performance-
Sonakshi’s live performance was scheduled to come about during the Justin Bieber concert on 9th of May’17 in Mumbai. She eventually declined to perform after protests from several reputed singers. Sonakshi is also a very good painter.

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