Saturday, September 23

If you are somehow thinking to quit….Wait!!

Quit is not a solution. You know what-

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ―Nelson Mandela

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If you are also thinking that this is not my thing and want to quit. How will I achieve the goal? If it has become really difficult to manage things .Other people can’t understand your inner conflicts or what you are going through. All these pain and hardships seems unbearable.

success somehow


Somehow, somewhere, we lost it all. Somehow the world stole it from us, somehow we gave in. Somehow it became all about ruins and competition and self-loathing dressed in attitude – we disintegrated into smaller beings. People who gave into pain before they even experienced it. People who did not know whether to fight for happiness or money. Our beliefs shook. We fell. Then there comes a point when you feel that this is it .I can’t go any more and you decide to quit.

Every person has this phase in his life. It is the border line which will decide whether you will succeed or not. So try to bear that pain a little longer as you never know how far you are from getting success.

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Remind yourself about your strength, the inner energy packet that never runs out. Think about it more. You were better than lies, you were better than pain. You were better than a person who only feared and knew no more. You were bigger than this. You were brilliant. Find it again.

Pain Is Temporary so don't quit


Always remember: Pain Is Temporary, Victory is forever…!!


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