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Some Untold facts about Shri Krishna

Lord Krishna is going to be born tonight. Krishna who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born on this day on earth. When the atrocities on the earth had increased a lot, then Lord Vishnu incarnated on the earth to destroy the sinners. Born from the womb of Mother Devaki, Shri Krishna was born at midnight in the imprisonment of his own maternal uncle Kansa. Father Vasudeva went to give him to his friend Nanda at the same time to save that little Krishna from maternal uncle Kansa. Then Vasudev Ji left his Krishna there and brought Nanda’s immediately born daughter. Nand Ji’s daughter was Devi, who showed her form to Kansh and warned him to leave the path of unrighteousness and come to the path of righteousness.


After that Shri Krishna started growing up in Gokul with his mother Yashoda and father Nanda. Then after that Krishna used to surprise everyone by performing his pastimes Gokul itself.  

What happened after this, we have seen all this on TV many times. Today we will talk about some interesting information related to Krishna. 

About Shri Krishna’s weapons

Shri Krishna was a great archer. The name of his bow was Sarang. Apart from the bow and arrow, he was proficient in all kinds of martial arts. He had many weapons. Sudarshan Chakra was his favorite among all the weapons. The name of his sword in the weapon was Nandak.  The name of the mace was Kaumudaki and the name of the conch was Panchajanya, which was pink in color. Apart from this, the name of the chariot that Krishna had was Jaitra and the name of the other was Garudadhwaja.

Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna had killed many asuras and demons since childhood. It is believed that the first killed Putana whom Kansa had sent to kill him.

Apart from this, Krishna also killed the demons like Narakasura, Paundrak, shakatasur, Trinavarta, Vatsasura, Vakasur, Aghasur, etc. 

When Krishna killed a horse named Keshi sent by Kansa, his name was Keshav. Apart from all this, Kansa sent many asuras, whom Krishna freed by killing them one by one.

The secret of so many wives of Shri Krishna

The demon named Narakasura had taken 16100 girls from the surrounding villages for his accomplishment. Then Shri Krishna killed that demon and freed all those girls. But when those girls went to their house, their family members refused to adopt them. Then Krishna married them all and gave them his name. In this way, Shri Krishna had 16100 wives 

Apart from this, he had 8 wives who went against their family members and fell in love with Krishna. Krishna married after taking away some of them and married after winning some of them. The names of the eight wives of Krishna are as follows- Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jamwanti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Satya, Bhadra, and Lakshmana.

Shri Krishna

Why is Radhakrishnan not married?

Shri Krishna and Shri Radha reside in Goloka. Many gopas and gopis live with Krishna in Goloka.  According to the Puranas, there was a gop named Shridhama in Goloka, who did not like to see Shri Radha with Shri Krishna. Therefore Shridhama cursed Shri Radha, due to which Shri Radha incarnated on earth and forgot Krishna. Due to this curse of Shridhama, the marriage of Shri Krishna and Shri Radha could not take place. Even though Shri Krishna and Shri Radha were not married, but due to their infinite love, the name of Shri Radha is taken in front of Krishna’s name even today- Radhakrishna.


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