Thursday, October 5


Corona has created turmoil in life from common people to special people. People are busy from work from home and children are busy with their online study. They play video games, online games, etc. They give more time on TV and computer as well as mobile. There is no doubt that these are the only ways to keep our life normal. But still, it can be dangerous for our eyes.

our eyes

Nowadays eye-related problems like pain in the eyes, squint, swelling, blurring, watery, dryness, and redness. Those who are using glass, also complain about blurry eyes.  Such cases are daily to the eye doctors. According to doctors, children are suffering from myopia ( it is the case when you are unable to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to your eyes).

our eyes

Last year, according to a report of AIIMS, 13% of children suffer from myopia, in the country. Earlier, children were used three hours but now they are using seven to eight hours in a day. That’s why this disease is getting worse day by day. There is no other option for parents.

Here are some points to protect our eyes:-

our eyes
  • Don’t forget to blink.
  • Do exercise to move your eyes.
  • Fixed the time limitation of using the screen.
  • Keep a distance from the screen.
  • If possible then connect the mobile or laptop to the TV.
  • The distance between the eyes and screen should be 18 -24 inches.
  • Add green vegetables,  gooseberry, almond to your diet.
  • Rest your eyes for 30 sec after working 20 minutes. Open after closing. It will not be itching and dry.
  • For small babies, do not give mobile to keep them busy. Instead of this give some toys and keep them in the garden. If possible then do not give mobile within 5 years.
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