Friday, March 24

Some Natural Oil Which Removes Skin Problems

It is said that the rainy season is the home of diseases. There are all kinds of skin-related problems in this season such as boils, Pimples, Rashes, Footrot, Etc Apart from this, many people also suffer from skin allergies. Skin allergies are a common problem during the rainy season. Therefore, in such a situation, today we will tell about some special types of natural oil which will help in getting rid of skin-related problems from this season. These natural oils are easily available in the market and also can prepare at home.

Natural oil

List of natural oil

  • Castor oil- This oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply this oil on the affected part of the body with a cotton swab or a piece of cotton cloth. It is helpful in reducing all types of skin allergies. Also, it helps in relieving itching and swelling.
Castor oil
  • Nilgiri oil- Nilgiri means Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to feel cold in affected parts of the body. It also has to relieve properties which is helpful in reducing the pain and skin rashes caused by allergies. You can also apply this with the help of cotton.
Nilgiri oil
  • Peppermint oil- It has anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial properties. This oil is very beneficial for the skin. Apart from skin rashes and allergies, it also proves to be effective in fighting bacteria. To use, apply it by mixing it with essential oil.
peppermint oil
  • Basil oil – The benefits of basil oil are more. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in this oil, which relieves allergies, rashes, and other skin-related problems. It contains Vitamin C which helps in keeping the skin smooth. It also starts the process quickly on rash and itching etc. Applying this oil gives instant relief when the skin becomes inflamed after being bitten by insects.
Basil oil

These are the best natural oils that can be applied on days other than the rainy season. It is a great remedy to get rid of skin rashes and skin allergies.

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