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Solar Eclipse 2021: Need To Know About Solar Eclipse

The last solar eclipse of 2021 is going to happen on December 4. According to the information, it will be called Khagras Solar Eclipse (2021). This solar eclipse will last for about 4 hours. The Eclipse of this time will be of one minute 54 seconds; that is, for about two minutes, most of the Sun will be covered by the Moon’s shadow. However, it will not be valid in India due to the absence of a solar eclipse. But according to Indian time, this eclipse will start at 10.59 am. After about 4 hours, that is, at 03.07 in the afternoon, there will be a solar eclipse. According to the information received, the solar eclipse 2021 will be visible in Africa, South America, and Australia. Let us see what a solar eclipse is?

solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse (2021)

About Sun

Many people get scared that maybe God is angry with us whenever there is an eclipse, whether it is a solar eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse. People offer various kinds of donations, Dakshina, and worship. You need to understand why solar eclipse happens and what is the reason behind it. Sun All we know about the Sun is a ball of fire. The Sun is indeed a very large mass of gaseous substances. The temperature of the Sun is very high. For this reason, every gas that goes near the sun changes in the form of gas.

There are mainly two types of gas in the Sun. These are called hydrogen or helium. When these two mix together, a huge amount of light and heat is produced. It is believed that about 450 million years ago, the Sun formed due to the accumulation of huge amounts of hydrogen gas in a part of the universe. It is also believed that after millions of years, the amount of hydrogen gas in the Sun will decrease, due to which light and energy will end, which will end life on Earth. It’s about the Sun.

About solar eclipse

Now let us see how a solar eclipse occurs. It Is All About Astrology. When the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, the Sun cannot be seen by a person living on Earth. Then this event is called a solar eclipse. Whenever there is a solar eclipse, the Moon is not visible in the sky. In the hours before and after a solar eclipse, the Moon is so close to the Sun that it is not visible. Only during an eclipse, the Moon’s dark side faces the Earth.

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