Wednesday, October 4

Singh Is Bliing issue cleared,Sikh organizations invited home by Akshay Kumar.

It seems no Bollywood film showing the hero in a turban can get away without frowns and disapproval from Sikh organizations.

When Akshay Kumar had donned the turban to play a Sardarji in Singh Is Kinng in 2008 he had to appease organizations which objected to the length of his beard and the way his turban was tied.

Now on the basis of just the trailer and songs, Sikh organizations have raised objections to Akshay’s turbaned act in Prabhu Dheva’s Singh Is Bliing. In a bid to pacify the premature protests Akshay Kumar called leaders and prominent members of various Sikh organizations from Punjab and Delhi to Mumbai for a private screening of Singh Is Bliing.

Says a source, “Rather than face protests a week before release Akshay wisely decided to take Sikh organizations into confidence now itself. He flew down the members at his own cost and showed them the film.”

Apparently, the Sikh leaders have gone back fully satisfied that there is nothing to offend any community in Singh Is Bliing.

Says Prabhu Dheva, “It’s a fun film not to be taken seriously. Akshay is doing full-on masti in the film.”

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