Wednesday, November 29

Similarity Between Diamonds And Earth

Scientists have been unearthing many mysteries related to the origin of our earth.  Many things are yet to be discovered about the origin of the earth. Now they have got big success with this. Recently a unique study of ancient diamonds has revealed that the basic structures of the Earth that make it compatible with life, developed 2.7 billion years ago.  The composition of volatile gases preserved in diamonds found in ancient rocks is the same as that of the earth’s upper part. i.e. mental (the part between the earth’s crust and the core. It covers about 84 percent of the Earth’s surface ) today.


This indicates that there has been no change in the proportion of volatile gases in the atmosphere over the last few billions of years.  French and Canadian researchers have used ancient diamonds as time capsules to investigate Earth’s metal positions in the distant past. From the study of the gases deposited on these diamonds, it found that Earth’s metal structures have changed little since 2.7 billion. 

According to Dr. Michael Bradley of Franch Loren University studying the structure of Earth’s modern mantle is relatively simple.  On average the mantle has started 30 km below earth so we can collect the sample  thrown by the volcanoes. The gases and liquids trapped inside can be studied.  Although changes inside the earth can change a lot, but diamonds are indestructible.  So we used it as a time capsule.

diamonds and earth

The team measured the isotopes of helium, neon and argon and found that these elements are in the same proportion as the elements found in today’s mantle.  This means that the ratio of volatile has changed slightly and volatile elements are likely to have remained stable between the mantle and the atmosphere for much of Earth’s life. 

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