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Shubham Goel – The Young Enthusiast

Born and raised in California Shubham Goel, an IT professional is the forerunner for the post of Governor of California. Presenting himself as the voice of the young Indian American who studied cinema and economics at the University of California is in support of The Use Of Technology in politics. Shubham appeals to the young to have faith and conviction. He says that fighting for name and fame is not on his agenda and he is working to bring in change.

Shubham Goel
source: daily bruin

Shubham Goel considers himself the perfect successor to democrat jerry brown who has already enjoyed two four-year terms as Governor. He will be contesting alongside 27 others and is believed to be the youngest among them. He is not politically inclined to any party and wants to bring change in politics with technology.

Shubham is campaigning in a unique model which is attracting the attention of everyone in more than many ways. His campaigning in virtual reality to interact and reach people. According to him more and more innovators should make their way into politics to bring in the necessary change. He promises to revamp the education scenario in California with help of virtual reality technology. Shubham himself works for a virtual reality Company. Apart from campaigning on virtual reality, he can be seen on the streets of California with a megaphone talking to the crowd and passers-by. He has also imparted several lectures in local schools.

Shubham Goel wants to voice the concern of the local Indians as much as work against the spread of corruption. He wants to work for solving The Educational Issues of California.

Shubham is born to Indian-born IT professionals Karuna and Vipul who went to pursue their US dream and settled there boasting of a software company of their own. Currently Shubham, 22 lives in Danville, California.

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