Tuesday, March 28

Shocking: Ram Gopal Verma can go to jail, but why? Know full news

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Director Ram Gopal Verma is once again stuck in controversies. This time, Ramu is accused of shooting porn movies in the hotel. In Ram Gopal Varma upcoming movies- ‘God, Sex and Truth’, American porn star Mia Malkova will be seen working. The woman organization has expressed objection due to her extremely bold scenes in this film.

Ram gopal verma

Image: Hindustantimes

Ram Gopal Verma again charged

Ramgopal Varma has once again come to the limelight about his upcoming movie ‘God Sex and Truth’. Organization for women has objected to the bold sequence given by American porn star Miya Malkova. A complaint has been lodged in Hyderabad police station in case of insulting women. According to the news of INDIA TODAY, if the report is found to be correct, then Ramu may have to go to jail. In fact, a social activist has allegedly claimed that he has strong evidence that Ram has shot his film in Hyderabad and not in Europe. However, Ram Gopal Verma is saying thathe film’s filming in Europe.

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 Mia came to India for shooting

Such things are coming out that this social activist has some photographs which proves that Miya had come to India to shoot the film. Apart from this, some of Ramu’s Tollywood friends have also been seen in pictures shared on social media. In India,making a pornographic film is a punishable offence. The staff of the hotel where the shoot happened will also be punished.

Ram Gopal Varma Tweets

Director Ramgopal Verma has tweeted, “People are blaming me by saying insulting things like I am mad, psycho and a terrorist. They are saying that I should not direct movies anymore. Well, my lawyers are essentially starting legal action. From now on I will not talk about the investigation and the matter. ‘

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