Tuesday, November 28

Shocking: Bad News for Kapil Sharma Fans, ‘Family Time’ can be Closed

Comedy Circus Kapil Sharma’s new show ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’ has started. Some new and some old faces are seen in Kapil’s show; Sunil Grover, who plays Gulati and doctor Gulati, is not part of the show. There is now another bad news about the show, news of the dispute between the makers and Kapil of the show is making rounds.

Kapil Sharma Biopic

Comedian Kapil Sharma’s new show is a game show, where he invites families for playing some games. All the games are such that there is a sense of humor in them and there is no pressure on the participants. By the way, the Kapil Sharma new show did not like the social media on social media and called the audience boring.


Differences between Kapil Sharma and ShowMakers

According to TimesNews news, the dispute between show makers and Kapil started with Rani Mukherjee last week after the cancellation of the show. The show’s makers can take Kapil’s unprofessionalism as he canceled the shoot at the last moment.


Earlier it was reported that 26 episodes will be shot. The news is that if the show does not work, then only 15 episodes of the show will be shot.

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