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It is possible to send money on Whatsapp, but keep all these points in mind

Whatsapp is the world’s most used texting platform. Over a billion people use this app daily. In recent times, it has seen its user base growing and they have made a number of updates to make the app experience flawless. It has recently introduced it for business which is currently available in the play store. The iOS version is currently in the development stage.

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Recently Whatsapp has launched the payment feature in its app. The payment feature of Whatsapp means that you can now send money through Whatsapp. These features are currently in beta mode. It means that some people have got permission to use it. Gradually it will be available for everyone. But there are some things about this feature that will lessen your happiness.

Have a look at some of the cons using whatsapp:

Money will go to the bank account only

If you feel like storing money on Whatsapp, then stop it. It is not an e-wallet system. Meaning you will be able to send money only to someone’s bank account. Like any other wallet, you will not be able to deposit money.

Purchase not possible

It is still a messenger app only. There are no plans for the company to convert into an online store. Therefore, no purchase can be made on this. So give up the idea of running a business on it. Although, you have an option to switch to Whatsapp business.

It is not possible to send money to the whatsapp group

If you are thinking that after forming a group of liabilities and sending money to everyone, stop it. Money cannot be sent to everyone in the group. Sending money to anyone is possible only in an individual chat.

These were some of the cons of the new feature. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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