Scarf Styles that Give Look Like the Celebrity
Wednesday, March 22

Scarf Styles that Give Look Like the Celebrity

Undoubtedly the scarf is the most noticeable of all the add-ons that go with your outfits. The scarf styles that you pick up to match your taste goes a long way in defining your personality.

Gone are the days when scarves were a part of winter essentials. If you think draping the scarf around the neck is the only scarf style to explore then think again. Celebrities have shown the way and you can make an ordinary looking garment look gorgeous with the draping technique.

Scarf Styles that Give Look Like the Celebrity –

An interesting shape, an appealing colour without going overboard and stylish scarf style is an instant the crowd puller.
Picking up a bright single colour scarf for a multicolour outfit or even a printed scarf for an otherwise plain outfit, celebrities know it all and hence the scarf styles of celebrity are often emulated by us.

Let’s Understand Different Popular Scarf Styles- 
A simple garment that can be styled according to your mood and taste is what defines an appropriate scarf. The beauty of a scarf is that it can be worn in different styles yet give a different look on different outfits.

  • The beautiful French knot just defines your flair for style. Fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck. Take one of the loose ends to tie a knot with the folded end leaving a loop in the end. Pass the other loose end through the loop created and tie the knot

scarf styleSource; The Golden girl blog

  • In the cold shoulder, style rolls your scarf diagonally, wrap once around your neck with the ends facing backwards, loop and tie loosely on one side.

 shoulder scarf style

source: Pinterest

  • For the cowgirl style fold your scarf into a triangle, wrap once around the neck and tie in front.

cow girl style

source; pinterest

  • The turban wrap is styled with the scarf at the back of your neck, twisting the ends two times, and then securing in a knot at the back of your head.

turban wrap

source: wonder forest

  • In the infinity style take the two ends of the scarf and tie a knot. Crossover to form an infinite loop and finally put this loop around the neck.


source: pinterest

Other popular styles include wrap and tie, belted scarf, twisted scarf loop, Bisous bow tie, double scarf boho tie, double knot wrap, layered knot, scarf belt, double loop, cape wrap and many more. You can, in fact, devise your own DIY style and make it your signature style.

There’s no thumb rule as to how to wear a scarf with a dress  but you should make sure it looks decent and not clumsy

While a scarf can be worn anyway there are a few unsaid codes regarding the draping of the scarf.

  • Make sure the fabric of your scarf is of good quality as it is the first noticeable piece of fabric on your attire.
  • The importance of a good knot cannot be ruled out in a scarf. A good knot brings out the touch of class and makes the purpose clear.
  • Stick to one style. Twisting several styles into one  scarf style will present you in  bad taste
  • The scarf should neither be too small nor too big. A small scarf will let down the style you want to portray while a big scarf will take the shape of a shawl.

Different Types of Scarfs and Ways to Wear a Scarf-

Scarves are the in thing now. Irrespective of age gender and occasion people have learnt to accommodate them in their style statements. Scarf styles are becoming more and more unique and trendy. If you are confused as to what kind of scarves to wear for which occasion let’s take a quick look (by materials) into the different types of scarves and how they serve your purpose

Cotton linen polyester silk wool are some of the popular scarf fabrics.

Acrylic is one such fibre which satisfies the criteria of comfort and style. It’s is luxurious and soft to touch as also easy to use as it’s washable. Its non-shrinkable nature makes it all the more popular.

Cotton is an all-time favourite with its comfort and durability. Moreover wearing cotton is back in fashion as it gratifies the natural element of wearing organic.

Linen is the perfect fabric for the scarf as it doesn’t fade easily and has a smooth texture.

The next best material for the scarf is Wool which is an essential during winters as it provides warmth and looks stylish too.

Of all the materials silk is the most popular for its grandeur and exotic quality. Once called the fabric of the kings this material is perfect for the scarf as it lends itself and adds to any dress it is complemented with.

These are the chief types of fabrics suitable for the scarf but you can discover new ways of enhancing your scarf styles 

Fashion with Scarf-
The options of Scarf styles are endless and combinations boundless. How to do a scarf? You can tie your scarf to your bag, you can use it as a belt. You can tie your hair up or simply wrap scarf around your neck. You can make it a necklace or just wrap it around your waist. Let’s explore some unique scarf wearing styles

How to Wear a Neck Scarf?

Neck scarf as a style statement is refusing to go as it’s s of enhancing your scarf styles and how versatile a neck scarf is in updating your look, with different ways to tie it suiting various outfits and styles.

The coach-style: In this style bring together the two opposite corners and fold on the same line till the desired thickness has arrived. Wrap around the neck and bring the loose ends to the front. Tie a double knot of the loose ends and you flaunt your style.

The modern one loop style the bunny ear style, the choker are some of the popular neck scarf styles.

How to Tie a HeadScarf –
Headscarves come in many sizes and shapes. Choosing a headscarf style that matches your taste and preference is ultimately your lookout.

Head Scarf Styles-
Square head scarfs, rectangular head scarfs, classic bandana twisted crown long tail bow and the rosette are some of the headscarf wrapping styles.

How to Wear a Winter Scarf-
The purpose of wearing a winter scarf is to offer greater warmth and look fashionable as well. Try a simple drape or give it an overhand. Simply tie it around twice for freezing temperatures

Muffler Styles-
The most common muffler style is taking it in half, draping it around the neck, and passing its loose end through the loop. Any twist to this muffler style will certainly make your winters more fashionable.

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