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Save Someone’s Life With World Organ Donation Day

Organ donation is considered to be the biggest donation in the world. Because donating an organ can save anyone’s life. World Organ Donation Day is celebrated every year on 13th August to raise awareness about knowing, understanding the importance of this organ donation.

world organ donation day

First Organ Donation

The first organ transplant was performed in the United States in 1954. Doctor Joseph Murray successfully completed a kidney transplant between twin brothers Ronald and Richard Herrick in 1990. He received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for this successful organ transplant. And since then world Organ Donation Day was celebrated for organ donation and to increase its awareness among the people.

This day encourages people to save the lives of others by donating organs. To donate organs, people should come forward to donate their healthy organs after death.  Kidneys, heart, pancreas, eyes, lungs, etc all these organs can be donated.  One of these donations is enough to save the whole life of another.  Many people lose their lives because of the availability of healthy organs. It is customary to celebrate this day for the purpose of saving such people.

Donating one person’s organs can save many lives.  Everything is possible with modern technology and medical facilities. Because of this, it becomes possible to transplant organs from one person to another. These modern facilities can enable a victim to live life.

Who can donate organs?

No religion, caste, gotra is required for organ donation. Any person can voluntarily donate his organs after death. To become an organ donor, it is important to ensure that the person does not suffer from chronic diseases such as HIV, cancer, or any heart and lung disease.   Anyone after reaching the age of 18 can get themselves registered for organ donation.

Understanding the importance of organ donation, on this World Organ Day 2021, spread awareness about organ donation among us. So that the victims can live their remaining life happily. 

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