Monday, October 18

Saudi Arabia opened airspace for Israel for the first time, Indian planes become first to land

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Air India started flights to Delhi from Thursday onwards to Israeli resident Tel Aviv. It was the first flight after Saudi Arabia allowed its airspace to be used for Israeli flight. The plane reached Tel Aviv airport. This is an indication of the improvement between the Arab rule and the Israeli relationship. Flight number AI 139 of Air India landed at about half an hour from the scheduled time at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

Saudi Arabia Israel airspace


Israel and Saudi Arabia Airspace Relationship

Israel’s Transport Minister Yisrael Chetz told the AFP news agency that this is a historic moment. He said this is the first time that an official relationship has been established between Saudi Arabia and Israel. On this occasion, Israeli tourism minister was also present for the reception of the flight. He said that this is the beginning of a new era.

Saudi Arabia israel airspace


After opening its airspace for Saudi Arabia’s commercial flights to Israel, it will now operate three flights a week. Israeli government airline EI AA currently operates the Indian service for Mumbai, which passes through the Red Sea to avoid flying over Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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