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Royal Wedding: Priyanka Chopra will no be the bridesmaid of Megan Merkel

Actress Priyanka Chopra says she will not be the bridesmaid in the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Hollywood actress Megan Merkel. Though Priyanka did not disclose whether she got the invitation to marriage or not. During the interview to People’, Priyanka was excited about the marriage of Harry and Merkel.

Markle and Prince Harry

Will Priyanka Chopra be a Bridesmaid at Meghan Wedding- Priyanka Spoke

Who will be Meghan Markle’s Bridesmaids?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle News-
The wedding of Harry and Merkel will take place on May 19 at the St. George’s Church in Windsor Castle. Priyanka said, “I am very excited about her (Merkel) marriage.” She said, “This change has not come only in the life of both of them, but also for those who believe in empowering women across the world, and I think that Megan has that potential.”

Talking about Merkel, Quantico’s actress said, “She is just real, she is a young girl who worries about the world like you. That’s the best thing about her, because of her truth, she is here. “

How the Royal Couple first meet-
Markle and Prince Harry, Britain’s royal family members, are going to marry in Windsor Castle on May 19 after two years of the first meeting. It is noteworthy that in July 2016, when Megan was passing through London, a friend of both met Harry and Megan. The couple later revealed that they had never known much about each other before the sudden meeting

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