Wednesday, September 22

Valentine Rose Day: Know here which would be the best rose for your lover

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Valentines Week has started and today is the first day of the Valentine week. This day is considered as the beginning of love. That’s because on this day you can express your feelings while giving a rose. But while giving a rose, you have to keep in mind that every colour of a rose has a meaning. That is if you want to increase the friendship before anybody and if you give it a red rose, it will mean that you want to express love to him or her. Sometimes people end up giving the wrong rose which has some other meaning. To help you with this situation, we have come to the full list, with the help of which you will be able to choose the right colour rose according to your feelings

On the Valentine occasion choose best Rose for Rose Day-

Red Rose

valentine rose day red rose

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Red rose is the most common and pretty understandable. This rose tells the person that you love them and they have a special place in your life.
The white rose is a symbol of peace and purity. This rose is mainly given when a relationship is strained. This rose is given to rekindle the relationship. However, avoid this rose if you do not face this type of situation.

Yellow Rose

valentine rose day yellow rose

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The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. On Rose Day, you can celebrate your friendship while giving this colour to your friends, and make the day more happy while making a plan to roam in the evening or make a dinner plan.
Pink is considered to be a colour of praise, joy and gratitude. In such a way, you can give this colour to the person you consider very much. By this way, you can show your boyfriend or girlfriend how much they matter in your life.

Orange Rose

valentine rose day orange red rose

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Orange roses are for those who love someone very much. The orange colour is a symbol of passion and energy. So if you also want to show your passion and deep feel to someone, orange roses are the best for you.

Lavender Rose

valentine rose day lavender rose

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You can not find Lavender Roses in the market easily. But if you do, then this can be given to a person who you have fallen in love at first sight. These roses reveal your fascination.

Peach Rose

valentine rose day peach rose

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If you want to appreciate someone’s beauty then, peach-coloured roses are best. If someone is your first love and you want to give something other than giving red roses, Peach is the best choice for you.

These list of roses for valentine will be more helpful for your choice. Try some of these roses listed above and express your love to those who matter you the most.