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Review Of International Girl Child Day 2021

Yesterday on 11 October, whole world celebrated International Girl Child Day. The purpose of celebrating this day is to emphasize the needs and challenges of girls around the world. The primary purpose of this day is to promote the empowerment of girls. It tries to establish gender equality in society. International Girl Child Day opens doors to various fields to make the world a better place by giving importance to the Contribution Of Girls In The Community.

History of International Girl Child Day

This day was first celebrated in 2012. The purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness about the rights, values, empowerment, needs, challenges, etc., of girls.

International girl child day


The theme of International Girl Child Day was ‘Digital generation’, Our generation‘. Under this theme, girls across the world have celebrated this day digitally. The theme was kept as the digital platform opens up new avenues for girls, from being literate to earning and moving forward. According to the UN report, 70 percent of girls in many parts of the world still do not have mobile or internet services. Due to this, the class of many girls has disrupted during COVID 19.

Therefore, on International Girl Child Day, many institutions have called for equal access to the internet and digital tools and targeted investment for girls. Because of this, girls can facilitate opportunities to access, use, lead and design technology in a safe and meaningful way. Special days are being celebrated for girls, but despite all this, girls in many countries cannot do anything of their own free will. According to a UNICEF report, in 2020, 125 million girls of primary and secondary age are out of school in developing countries of the world.

Different views with respect to reports

Talk about 2021 Lockdown measures during COVID 19 took millions of children away from quality education, vital vaccines, nutritious diet and mental health care. In newspapers, we have seen that the risk of gender-based violence and harmful practices have also increased during the pandemic. And many girls did not come back after leaving school because either they were married or became pregnant. Although changes keep happening with time, this change is happening quite late in the case of girls. Slowly but surely, the period of change is coming in the life of girls too.

Celebrating a day like International Girl Child Day also has a significant impact on people’s perceptions. Due to this, people also read stories related to the girls’ life, which their thinking seems to be developing. Feelings are changing with time, and thus the situations of girls are also evolving.


So this day of International Girl Child Day has helped educate people and encourage them to act in the right way towards girls. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also celebrated this day and said that we could not forget The Picture Of The Mars Mission. At that time, the talent of girls had illuminated the name of India all over the world. Hope the lives of many girls change with the celebration of International Girl Child Day.

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