Tuesday, March 28

Responsible For The Condition Of Senior Citizens

Lucky are those children who have the blessings of their grandparents on their heads. But no one wants to go to this fate now. Having an elderly person in the house is no less than a blessing. It is only the elderly who spend their whole life making a house a home. Today is World Senior Citizen Day. Senior citizens mean elders of the house. Those senior citizens have worked day and night for their families. And today when the same senior citizens need their loved ones, their children start considering them as a burden at home.

senior citizens

It is said that in a country like India, elders are respected a lot. Senior citizens are highly respected in India as compared to other countries. But now the same thing is not the case here.

In today’s time, senior citizens are compelled to live alone. Because their children do not like being with them. And even if children live together under compulsion, they do not have time for their elders. The condition of the village is better than that of the cities, but as far as the respect of senior citizens is concerned, it is nowhere left now.

Two different points related to senior citizens

Last year there was an epidemic of the corona. Then all the townspeople had to come to their villages. Even though Corona was a disaster for everyone, but it was no less than a treasure for the elderly in the village. Because their children were coming and living with them. For the first few days, everyone was happy, but after the passage of 2 to 3 months, people started finding it boring. The parents taught their children to walk, read, and fulfill their dreams. But now the same children did not want to live even 2-3 months with their parents. In those days, news like fights between mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-son dispute, brother-brother fights started coming in the news. All this indicates that there is no sweetness in the relationship anymore, especially for senior citizens.

senior citizens

Today’s people think that the senior citizen who is at home will be happy if they send money to them. And if someone wants to do that too, then they leave the senior citizen in old age homes.

I do not know who is responsible for this that children not getting time for their elders. Because every generation has its own problems and responsibilities. Even if they want, they are unable to find time for their elders. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, a person does not get time for himself, so how should he fulfill the rest of his responsibilities. The present time is very difficult because if you want bread two times, you have to work hard day and night.  And in all this, it is a bit difficult to find time for senior citizen.

senior citizen

I don’t know what is the solution to this problem, but it is very important to find a solution to this problem. Because senior citizen has no other way of living apart from their children. Senior citizens are the agents of society. The experience they have is not even with any science. That’s why they need for senior citizens is everywhere. It is now everyone’s responsibility to keep senior citizens happy and respect them. So let’s celebrate World Senior Citizen Day. Give as much time as possible to the elders of your house. Give respect to senior citizens outside the house.

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