Sunday, October 17

Research on Viruses by National Institute of Virology

Virus is acellular micro-organisms which is the present around us. It’s different species are present in the environment but it can survive only inside the body of other living organisms. That’s why viruses are the connecting link in between living things and non-living things. It is the mixture of acid and protein.



Some species of viruses are harmful but some species are useful too. For examples, HIV, Influenza Virus, Dengue Virus, Polio Virus are some viruses which has adverse effect on the body. Meanwhile, Bacteriophages destroy bacteria which the present in the gut.

Now corona virus  is wreaking havoc. According to some doctors and scientist it was made in a laboratory of China. Because it is speculated that if virus would naturally produce then it  destroys naturally in some country due to climate distribution in the world. But if it would made, it will not end so easy.


Meanwhile, all countries are working  on the different type of viruses in their laboratory. Indian virology research institute in Pune is a virus research centre of India. Some of the landmark achievements of this institute are:

  • Finding  of a new genotype of dengue virues.
  • Isolated a virus “malsoor” belonging to Pheleobovirus family.
  • Isolated the 11 strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Discovered new species of rodent and bat
  • Epidemiology of Hepatitis viruses , development of vaccine
  • First detection of human meta- pneumovirus
  • Discovered Chandipura virus involvement in encephalitis
  • Isolation of several strains of Rotaviruses
  • Developed the first mosquito cell line in the world: popularly known as ‘ the single’s cell line’
  • Developed indigenous ELISA for detection of JE, Dengue, Hepatitis A,B,C Measles, rota etc.
  • Genotyping of important viruses like JE,WN etc.

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