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Relationship Between Teachers And Students

Today is Teacher’s Day. Today is a very important day not only for the teachers but also for the children. Where children give gifts to their teachers to make this day special, and teachers feel very special by receiving those gifts. This day of Teacher’s Day is celebrated for the love and respect of the children towards the teacher.


The beginning of celebrating Teacher’s Day in India dates back to 1962. The birthday of the First Vice President of the country, Dr. Radhakrishnan falls on 5th September. Also, he had wished to celebrate Teacher’s Day on his birthday. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a great scholar and a respected teacher.

Words are not enough to say about a teacher. It is the teacher who is the foundation of the future of any country. In the scriptures, the teacher is said to be higher than God. In the olden days, there was a relationship between a Guru and a disciple. At that time, the disciples considered the order of the guru to be the order of God. Even today children respect the teacher equally. Yes, it can definitely be said that there are some children who disrespect their teachers. But such children do not know that by doing this they are playing with their own future.

How should a teacher be, what should be his relationship with children, also how should be the way of explaining to children, some Bollywood films have shown the answer to all these questions very well. 

Bollywood explains the relation between teachers and students

The 1972 film Parichay showed the right way to bring mischievous children on the right track. The film directed by Gulzar was told in the story of how the teacher should behave towards the children. Jitendra played the role of a teacher in the film. If a teacher wants, he can save the lives of many children at the same time.

In the film Super 30 based on a true story, it was told how a teacher made 30 children capable. Anand Kumar of Bihar had laid the foundation of Super 30 to get the poor, talented, and aspiring children admitted to IIT. Actor Hrithik Roshan played the role of Anand Sir in the film titled Super 30. In addition, he showed how education can change the fate of underprivileged children. Considering life as the best teacher of his life, Hrithik says that- “teachers work to change the thoughts of the country. If you wish for better development of the country and better society, then the seeds of good thoughts have to be sown in the minds of the children. And only teachers can do this work”.


It is a pity that some people make education a business in the name of teachers. Also, how business is spreading its footing in education has been well described in chalk and duster film.  This film’s director Jayant Gilatar says- “a child cannot get an understanding of the outside world without a teacher. Therefore, while making the film, care is taken that the relationship between teacher and student is not shown in a wrong way”.

Aamir Khan’s film Taare Zameen Par beautifully told about the disease called dyslexia. In this film, Aamir Khan played the role of an art teacher and Darsheel Safari played the role of a child suffering from dyslexia. In this, not only the disease was told about but the way to deal with it was also shown.


Respect your teachers

There are many such films where the relationship between teachers and students has been shown. It is also told how a teacher should treat a student and how a student should treat a teacher.

The government is requested to provide facilities to a teacher according to the amount of hard work he puts in during his lifetime so that more and more teachers can make good use of their abilities

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