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Ramveer Singh: A Legend Of Uttar Pradesh

It is said that human need is the mother of invention. Ramveer Singh of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, has made this fact true. He used Technology In Farming. He converted his home into a hydroponics farm to protect his family’s health. Ramveer grows strawberries, cauliflower, okra, gourd, and other plants through the soilless, hydroponics method. Ramveer started this to protect his family’s health, but now he earns lakhs of rupees by this method. The hydroponic method is a smart way of farming. Its cost is very less, and the profit is high. Let us see how and why Ramveer Singh started his journey?

Ramveer Singh

It was the matter of 2009 when Ramveer Singh came to know that his friend’s uncle was diagnosed with cancer. Ramveer visited his friend’s uncle, where he learned that the biggest reason for his cancer is the consumption of chemical substances on vegetables. He realized how dangerous the use of chemical substances on vegetables could be. He says that “it scared me, and I decided to keep my family away from such risks,”.

Journey Of Ramveer Singh

Ramveer Singh is a journalist by profession. So he quit his job to take up organic farming. After leaving his job, he decided to dedicate his time to his native land to grow organic vegetables. His ancestral land is located 40 km away from Bareilly. He travels daily to grow and cultivate vegetables in that field. Over time, he started selling organic agricultural products commercially. Apart from this, he also goes to different places to learn new techniques of farming. He once Traveled To Dubai to learn new techniques to increase production in his farming.

The talk was of 2017-18 when he reached Dubai to take part in an agriculture-related program. In that program, he learned about hydroponic technology. Hydroponic is a technique where the soil is not required for cultivation. About eighty percent of water is also saved with this technology. Also, vegetables can be grown in this with very less insect infestation. In this technique, about 16 types of nutrients are flushed out with water. In this method, care is taken that the water-rich in nutrients is available in equal quantity to all the plants.

Ramveer Singh was very excited to know this new technology. Then, he extended his Dubai program by a week and learned hydroponic technology closely from the farmers there. He learned about this technique for a few weeks. Finally, Ramveer came home and adopted this technique. In this way, he has converted their three-floor house into a hydroponics farm which earns them lakhs.


Ramveer Singhs passion and love for farming with hydroponic technology were immense. So he decided to install hydroponics systems in the balconies and open spaces of his house. For this, they started using pipes and other infrastructure. While talking to the media, he says, “I set up two methods for the farm, using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Deep Flow Technique (DFT). Presently the farm is spread over 750 square meters, which has more than 10,000 plants. Ranveer Singh grows all the seasonal vegetables in his own house with hydroponic technology. Apart from this, he also grows Bhindi, Chilli, Capsicum, Gourd, Tomato, Cauliflower, Spinach, Cabbage, Strawberry, Fenugreek, and Green Peas.

Ramveer Singh says that now he does not have to depend on his farm 40 km away. Now he doesn’t have to travel every day. He brings whatever vegetables he needs from his balcony. Vegetables hanging from the balcony of Ramveer Singh’s house attract many people.
Attracted by this, many people also come and ask him about hydroponic technology. Ramveer says he has helped at least 10 people set up the hydroponic system. According to sources, Ramveer Singh founded a Wimpa Organic and Hydroponics company, which earns him an annual revenue of Rs 70 lakh.

Advantage of Hydroponic Technology

Let us see what the advantages of hydroponic technology are.

  • Hydroponic technology does not require soil.
  • Hydroponic farming is healthier and better than any farming.
  • Vegetables grown in this technique have better absorption of Mineral Nutrients.
  • Also, this method does not pose any threat to soil pollution as most of the farmers grow vegetables using chemical substances.
  • Hydroponic farming is chemical-free.
  • The cost is very less, but the profit is very high.
  • This method saves up to 80% of water.
  • Hydroponic farming does not require any special place, and anyone in their home can plant it. There is no need to prepare the field in this technique, which farmers have to do after every crop.
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