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When will Ramadan Eid 2018 be Celebrated in India?

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Some people are celebrating Ramadan Eid 2018  on 16th of June. However Muslims in Saudi Arabia celebrated Eid on 15th of June as Crescent moon has been sighted on chand raat (when Muslims gather to sight the new moon). Similarly Kerala owing to its geographical location is celebrating Eid on Friday the 15th of June. Here we are explaining about eid kab hai.

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Ramadan Eid 2018 in India to be Celebrated on June 16 as Moon Remains Out-

Ramadan Eid 2018 will be celebrated on 16th of June this year in India. The Shah Imam of Jama masjid made this announcement as the moon remained out of sight on Thursday. Muslims in Saudi Arabia celebrated Eid on 15th of June as Crescent moon has been sighted on chand raat.

When will Eid be Celebrated in India This Year?
The Eid holiday in india is 16th of june for all public sectors institutions and banks, although some banks in south India remained closed on Friday. In Kerala, Mizoram, Odisha, Puducherry Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand, the Eid 2018 holiday has been notified on Friday, June 15.

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When will Ramandan End?
Ramadan will end on the 15th of june as crescent moon could not be spotted on the chand Raat. The month long fasting which started on 17th of May culminates on the last Friday or zuma. Since the moon could not spotted on the chand raat, Eid will be celebrated on the subsequent day as Eid is celebrated depending upon the spotting of the Crescent Moon.

More About The Holy Month of Ramadan-
RAMADAN is termed as the holy month as Allah revealed the holy Quran to Prophet Mohammed. Fasting is considered among the five pillars of Islam. The practice of Fasting is called Roza which starts at the break of dawn and ends at dusk when Namaz is offered and the fast is broken by having dry dates.  Fasting is compulsory for everyone except for sick person or a person who is in journey. An interesting trivia of this year’s ramzan is, 14th of June will be marked as the longest fasting day of about 15 hours and 6 minutes. According to Islamic teaching as food and water fulfil the needs of the body prayers fulfil the needs of the soul. Hence the importance of fasting increases manifold in the month of Ramadan when one refrains from food willingly and prays to achieve Takwa. Therefore cleansing of the soul, pious thoughts and good actions are given at most importance during the month of Ramadan.

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When is Eid ul Fitr?
Eid-ul- Fitr is celebrated to mark the end of the month of fasting – Ramzan or Ramadan. Eid –ul-fitr- literally means” festival of ending the fast”. Eid is one of the two biggest festival celebrated by Muslims world-wide when people wear new clothes and visit friends and relatives  This year also Eid will be celebrated with great enthusiasm on 16th of June. Eid is about charity and alms are donated to the poor before the special prayers or namaz held in congregation at mosques or in open places. Delicious and mouth-watering delicacies are an essential part of the celebration. The Aroma of sheer korma amalgamates in the air and the laughs of ladies and children reverberating in the galli mohallas makes the festivities all the more enjoyable. this festival brings harmony and gratitude.

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