Tuesday, October 3

Ramadan 2018: Ramadan Starting From 17th May, Last Day will Witnesss the Longest Fasting

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Ramadan 2018 will start from May 17. This time there will be 5 pairs in Ramadan . The first zuma will take place on the 18th of the month of Ramadan. On June 15 it will be the last zuma or end of ramadan, which is called goodbye zuma. Eid will be celebrated on the day of the last zuma.

ramzan 2018 zuma


Ramadan 2018 Fasting-

Even more special thing is that this time the longest fasting is going to be on June 14. Everyday the time of fasts lasts before 14-15 hours, but on June 14 the longest fast will be 15 hours and 6 minutes. On the same day, Shab-e-Kendra will be celebrated. The people of Muslim community celebrate this whole day.

The holy month of Ramzan is for 30 days, this is kept throughout the month. This month is called Hijri in the Islamic calendar. It is believed that this reading Quran for the whole month is most holiest of all.

Ramadan 2018 holi month of ramadan


What is the Importance of Fasting?
The fasting has been considered one of the five pillars of Islam. This month Muslims keep fasting to achieve Takwa. Takwa means to do the things of his choice, not doing the work of disliking Allah. This month is most special for Muslims.

To enrich your knowledge, Ramzan is divided into three parts. The first part of 10 days has been described as the period of Rahamtoh. The second 10 days is called the round of forgiveness and the last 10 days is called the time to save the hellfire.

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