Thursday, October 5

Rakshabandhan Is Not Only A Festival Of Thread

All Indian festivals have their own distinct elegance. There are many festivals throughout the year, but in these twelve months, the month of Shravan is full of gaiety. Praise of Shiva, Haritalika Teej, Nag Panchami, and finally Rakshabandhan is celebrated with full love and harmony. It brings happiness to people of all age groups.


How Rakshabandhan is celebrated?

The festival of Rakhi is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm on the full moon day of Shravan month. This festival is not completed by sisters only tying a seemingly simple thread on the wrist of the brother. But the resolutions of love and security that come with it are what make this great. The appeal that a sister makes for her brother is great. And this is also proof of its antiquity. Only a brother and a sister consider this limitless bond in their hearts. Its description is a subject matter outside the purview of language.

Married sisters come to their maternal home with the wishes of their brother and their family. In the same family, no matter how many tussles there may be between the younger siblings, the sister’s mind melts as soon as Rakshabandhan comes near. Brother also never forgets to keep gifts for sister. On the last day of Shravan, becoming a house-to-house dish, putting akshat roli on sister’s brother’s forehead, tying the rakhi, performing aarti, feeding sweets, and taking blessings with gifts, fills everyone’s heart with deep affection.


The true meaning of Rakshabandhan?

Raksha Sutra is not only limited to brothers and sisters but is also a strong link between Guru, disciple, and friends. Many incidents related to Rakshabandhan are mentioned in the scriptures. It is also mentioned that centuries ago sister used to tie Rakhi to Neem and Tulsi before tying Rakhi to brother. Because Neem and Tusli are full of medicinal properties and they can be specially protected by tying a rakhi.

Who would be unfamiliar with the affectionate affair of Shri Krishna and Draupadi’s siblings in the Mahabharata? While killing Shishupala, Shri Krishna’s hand was cut off by Sudarshan, then Draupadi tied his hands with a cloth. After that Shri Krishna had fulfilled his duty towards his sister by protecting Draupadi at the time of her abduction. There are many other such cases where the love of brother and sister is mentioned. The festival of Rakshabandhan is traditionally celebrated in Jainism and Sikhism. This festival is a great festival of equality, purity, trust, and affection between men and women.

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