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Protect Yourself From Whatsapp Verification Code Scam.

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular app for sharing messages, photos, and videos in India. WhatsApp is used the most for instant messaging. America’s Facebook company has bought WhatsApp. There are many features in WhatsApp that attract users. Thousands of features are available on this platform which makes the work of the users easy. In this, many facilities like voice calling, video calling, group calling are available. Apart from this, WhatsApp verification also allows users to share statuses. In this, people share with others by writing photos, videos, or their thoughts.

But if seen, there are two sides to everything. Despite so many good features, WhatsApp remains in the discussion about its privacy every day. Cybercrime is also using WhatsApp messenger to cheat people because today the number of people using WhatsApp is in crores. For this, all they have to do is make a missed call on WhatsApp and the phone’s data reaches it. Today we will know some things related to it.


The biggest threat to WhatsApp users is its security code. In such cases, users are being lured into their trap through verification code scams. It is so dangerous that through this all the data and information of WhatsApp can be stolen. Through this, criminals can get complete control over the user’s account. Once the control is achieved, criminals use codes in the name of close and relatives of the users to make money from them. WhatsApp is the most used messaging app, so criminals use this place so that more and more people can be fooled. Let our know-how by using the Verification Code, the criminals work to cheat users’ close relatives. 

What is this whatsapp verification code scam?

In the verification code scam, users get the login message of the WhatsApp code through text messaging.  This is a two-factor authentication code, through which users can enable the login of their WhatsApp account. But in this scam, the criminal uses the names of close friends and relatives of the users and sends them a message that by mistake their code has gone to your number. And they ask users to send that code back. If users send that code back then their entire account can be hacked. Due to this, users can get into big trouble.

You should be aware that WhatsApp never sends the verification code to any other number. So in such a situation, if you ever get such a text message, then never reply to it. Never share that code with anyone even by mistake. The verification code is only for your phone. If you share it with anyone, then the complete control of your account will go in their hands.

If such a text message comes to you, then understand that some cybercriminal is trying to contact you. He will use your close relative for this, which you could not understand. As soon as he receives this code, he will gain access to your account and you will be logged out of your own account.

What to do to protect verification code scam?

If you have accidentally shared such a code with someone and your account has been logged out from Whatsapp, then you can follow some steps to recover your account again. 

First of all sign in to your phone through WhatsApp. After signing in, 6 digit codes will be sent to your phone via SMS. Verify your number by entering that code. As soon as you enter this code, you will be logged out from all other devices.


Here you have to pay attention to one more thing. If you are also asked to provide the two-step verification code here and if you have that code then no problem, you can withdraw the account by entering that code.  But if you don’t have that code it means The person using your account has enabled Two-Step Verification. Here you will face a little problem because you have to wait for seven days to sign in to WhatsApp without the two-step verification code.

So be careful while using Whatsapp and keep others careful. So that along with you other people can also avoid this scam.

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