Promise Day 2018: Make these Health Promises to Stay Healthy
Friday, January 27

Promise Day 2018: Make these Health Promises to Stay Healthy

Love is seen all around as love-struck couples are looking to observe Valentine’s  Day 2018 with much intensity and happiness. Meanwhile, a number of couples are likewise intending to make huge amounts of promises to their adored one on the event of Promise day which is praised on eleventh February consistently. Promise day 2018 is the fifth day of Valentine’s week and emerges to be extremely special for people in love as this day implies the significance of responsibility, commitment, love, and harmony. After Chocolate day and Teddy Day, Promise day is a standout amongst the most exceptional days of Valentine week. This day, not just brings in an opportunity to make your loved one feel extraordinary, yet additionally gives you the chance to show them how much you care for their prosperity.

promise day 2018

Promise Day -Valentine Day 2018

So this Promise Day, make these 5 health promises to make your partner happy and ensure a healthy life together.

Quitting Junk Food

Eating a lot of junk can be dangerous for your overall health. You both should promise to replace those junk food items with healthy ones to live a happy life together.

 Detox your Body

In today’s lifestyle, it is very important to detox at least once a week. Detoxing your body will flush out all the toxins from the body. Both of you should do this to maintain a healthy life.

 Exercising Daily

 For maintaining a healthy life exercising plays an important role. Both of you should start your mornings with some workouts to keep yourself fit.

 Fix A Routine

Follow a fixed meal-time routine. Try and take meals together. This will help you to improve your eating habits and strengthen your bond.

Check Each Other’s Bad Habits

As a couple, it is very important to keep a tab on each other’s bad habits. If you notice any, then make your partner aware of it and help them to quit it.

 Happy Promise Day 2018!

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