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Processed Food Products: Why Food Labeling Is Right?

There is an agency to improve food quality in our country, whose name is the Food Safety And Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). They have taken almost 8 years to make a decision. All processed food products,i.e., packaged foods, should compulsorily write their health warnings. Especially those processed food products in which the amount of salt, sugar, and fat is high. The damage caused by all these should also be told in it. The use of processed food, i.e., packaged foods, is increasing a lot these days. It is a concern for our health. So FSSAI took this decision To Know About The Health Safety related to it.

Processed Food products

It’s a pretty good decision. But as we know, anything has two sides. While on the one hand, this decision will benefit the customers, on the other hand, the seller may suffer. FSSAI took time to implement this because a debate started between the food organizations and consumer organizations. One side said that it is good enough for the health purpose of the consumers. Another organization said that if such things were written on the food items, it would reduce the sale of the items. People in the food industry constantly opposed it. They believe that food labeling should only mention the quantity and not the damage caused by it. If they start telling about health-related harm, then their products will not be sold.

Effects Of Consuming Processed Food Products

With time, it has been learned that the increase in Heart Disease, stomach disease, Diabetes, and other related diseases is due to our wrong eating habits. Salt, sugar, fatty oil are present in high amounts in processed food products in India. These are slowly working to make poison in our body. In such a situation, for the safe future of the country, it must be written about the damage caused by it on food items. In my opinion, it would be unfair to oppose it.

You should know that this thing has started in many parts of the world. Chile is one of the countries where food labeling started talking about the harm they cause. Many other countries have started this type of food labeling to protect the people of their country from the harm caused by destructive lifestyles. These countries include countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Israel. Apart from this, there are some countries where constant pressure is being put on the government to do this type of food labeling.


After providing information about the harm caused by food labeling, there has been a decrease in diseases caused by poor lifestyles. According to a 2018 study in Chile, people cut back on processed food products after writing about the harm caused by labeling. It has seen an improvement in their health.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, there are 40 million deaths every year in the world. Of these, 70 percent of the people whose cause of death are diseases caused by excessive consumption of processed food products. The study report of FSSAI in 2020 states that, by the end of 2021, India will become the third-largest country after China and the US in terms of consumption of processed food products in India. According to that report, about 56% of children are used to sweet and salty processed food.

In that study, several processed food samples were taken for testing. You would be surprised to know that 62% of salt and sugar were high in fat. It is a worrying matter that despite being harmful to health, the business of processed food is increasing every year. However, in India, it takes a long time to reach the final stage of any rule. For example, It took many years for the Health Hazards Of Tobacco to be shown. Similarly, preparations are also going on in food labeling, giving health warnings on processed food products. According to sources, health warnings will be displayed on bread, packaged food items, various cold drinks, and sweets, etc.

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