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Beware! Preying these animals will bring you to prison

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In 1972 the Government of India had passed the Wildlife Conservation Act (Wild Life Conservation Act) for the protection of wildlife. The purpose of this act was to restrict the illegal hunting, meat and skins trade of wildlife animals. This Act was amended in 2003. This act was named the Indian Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Act 2002. Under the Act, penalties and penalties were made more stringent.

Balackbuck wildlife animals law


Where these laws apply of Indian Wildlife Protection Act?

These laws provide protection not only to wild animals but also to birds and plants in the list. Although it does not apply in Jammu and Kashmir. There they have their own wild law.

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Provision in law

There are a total of six schedules. Which provides wildlife protection in different ways.

Schedule-1 and Schedule-2-Its second part provide full protection to wildlife. Under these, strict penalties for crimes are fixed.

Schedule-3 and Schedule-4- It also provides protection to wild animals, but penalties on hunting of animals and birds coming in this list are very few.

Schedule – 5 – This list covers those animals that can be hunted.

Sixth Schedule – There is a ban on cultivation and planting of rare plants and trees.

What is the penalty

If the list is hunted in another list two animals, then there is a provision of at least three years of jail, although this sentence can be extended up to seven years. At least ten thousand rupees can be fined. Minimum punishment – three years maximum punishment – seven years minimum financial penalty – maximum penalty of ten thousand rupees – 25 lakh rupees for the second time the same sentence of conviction. But at least the penalty can be up to Rs 25 thousand.

If you are in your house then it will be considered crime.

Hunting and Gathering – Gathering animal skins or rugs is a crime. In which one can be fined between Rs. 25 lakhs.

New penalty penalties

Due to the growing prey of wild animals, the Ministry of Environment has proposed a new proposal. According to a report, 60 percent of the tigers live in the country, in which 78 tigers have been killed in the year 2015. So far, there is a provision of up to Rs 25,000 for hunting, but now it can be up to 50 lakhs.

What is the schedule one

-Schedule one consists of 43 wildlife in one. In which there may be penalties under section 2, section 8, section 9, section 11, section 40, section 41, section 43, section 48, section 51, section 61 and section 62.

– From the list of pigs to various types of deer, monkeys, bears, gazelle, leopard, langur, wolf, fox, dolphin, wild cats, reptiles, big squirrel, penguin, rhinoceros, otters, bears, and Himalaya The names of many animals that go are included.

– There are several aquatic animals and reptiles in part two of schedule one.

– There are four parts of this schedule

What is the schedule two

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Section 2 on the hunting of wild animals included in this Schedule, Section 8, Section 9, Section 11, Section 40, Section 41 Section 43, Section 48, Section 51, is punishable under Section 61 and Section 62.

– Part of this list includes several types of monkeys, langurs, sehi, wild dogs, chameleons etc.

– List of Part Two includes Agonotrecs Andryuesi, whisper immortal, immortal Elignfula, Brcins Aktriponis and many kinds of animals.

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