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Pregnancy Exercises for a Happy Mother and a Healthy Child

Every mother dreams of giving birth to a healthy child. A healthy diet accompanied by Good Sleep, a Stress-Free Life and pregnancy exercises will surely help the mother in fulfilling this dream of hers.

Due to lack of proper guidance expecting mothers think that pregnancy exercises are harmful. Let’s explore some easy exercise which can be done by pregnant women.

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All About Easy Pregnancy Exercises to Get Fit for Mother and Child –

It is always important to work with a trainer who has a good knowledge of pregnancy workouts. One more important point to keep in mind is to inform your doctor before starting any new exercise.

• Exercise for Pregnant 1st trimester (1st to 4th month) –

Go for light walking in the 1st 4 weeks and you can gradually increase the time of walking. Exercises during pregnancy at this stage should not be vigorous. You can also Indulge In Some Easy Yoga with an expert yoga teacher. Light walking is the best exercise for early pregnancy as over-heating of the body is to be avoided.

Pregnancy Exercises in 2nd Trimester (4th to 7th month) –

Exercises for pregnant women during the 2nd trimester include lunges, squats, and upper body strength exercises with the advice of your doctor.

Pregnancy Exercises in 3rd Trimester (7th to 9th month) –

The best pregnancy workouts for the third trimester (7th month to childbirth) are low impact exercises like underwater Zumba, yoga and pilates. Joint and flexibility exercises can be undertaken as they will ease the pressure off from your legs.
The best workouts to do while pregnant include walking, swimming, yoga and light aerobics with the advice of an expert. So, the intention is to strengthen the core muscles to have an easy less painful delivery.

Which Month to Start Exercise During Pregnancy?
If you have been exercising before pregnancy and have not been advised bed rest for the 1st trimester by the doctor then you can continue walking and other low-intensity exercises.

What Exercises not to do While Pregnant?
• Heavy weight training
• Holding breaths for too long
• Exercises lying on the back or stomach
• Avoid jumping, hopping skipping and bouncing especially during last trimester

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