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PM Modi Approval Rating 2021: See The Percentage

PM Modi approval rating: The last month of 2021 is going on. The whole world has seen many ups and downs this year. Old things changed, and new things took their place in many places. We compare many things in the last days of the year and see which one is more this year. There are parties, consultations, and surveys where we see what was the best this year. Moving forward in this episode, we will talk about the survey of data intelligence firm Morning Consult. On September 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was voted the world’s most favourite leader in a survey by US-based data intelligence firm Morning Consult.

PM Modi approval rating
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PM Modi Approval Rating 2021

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become very famous worldwide, so he is in the first place on the list of global leaders in terms of approval rating. It is the list of global leaders of 2021. It is a matter of happiness that Modi has also left behind US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in this matter. According to this report, the approval rating of PM Narendra Modi is 70 per cent. This rating of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the highest among the top 13 leaders of the world. Let us now know about some important points of this survey.

The Global Approval Rating was done twice a year, first in June and second in September. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rating was low in the approval rating released in June of 2021. But his rating was much better in the approval rating released in September this year. Not only this, along with the increase in the approval rating, his disapproval rating also came down significantly. In the survey released in June, the approval rating of PM Modi was 66 per cent, while the approval rating issued in September was 70 per cent.

Rating list

It was found from this survey that PM Modi is doing a better job than other leaders of the world. The second number in the list released in the survey was Mexican President Andrzej Manuel López Obrador. At number three is Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Their approval ratings were 64 and 63, respectively. After PM Modi, the rating of these two leaders was more than 60%. At number four in the list was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with a rating of 53.
Talking about US President Joe Biden, his rating is less than fifty per cent, and he is in fifth place. In this way, Narendra Modi is the best leader in the world.

PM Modi Approval Rating: In this survey of 2021 September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has overtaken many world politicians. He also surpassed many veteran leaders such as Mexican President Andre Manuel, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, British PM Boris Johnson, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

How is this approval rating survey done?

Some people are selected in the sample size taken by the US company. Morning Consult does this survey in a very complex manner. Some questions are discussed with the selected persons. The company has real-time polling data of pre-elected persons, political election data, data of elected representatives, and election issues. It takes a lot of time to do this survey because more than 11,000 interviews are conducted worldwide. At the same time, about five thousand interviews are done in America for the approval rating of the President and Congressman. The Daily Global Survey is based on a seven-day moving average. All these interviews are done online, in which survey filling takes place. And thus, in the survey of 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Proved To Be The Best Leader In The World.

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