Thursday, October 5

Piracy in Bollywood Returns with Live Streaming of Padmavat

Piracy in Indian film industry is not a new concept it’s there from ages. Bollywood and Piracy go hand in hand. And we feel disheartened to say this, a movie today is available online for streaming immediately after it is released.


Still from the movie “Padmavat”

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Earlier, piracy were in the form of DVD’s, then online downloads came and the latest way is to put a film directly on social media platforms. Recently, a Facebook user used ‘Facebook Live’ video streaming feature to allegedly broadcast Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new release “Padmavat” and that too real time straight from the movie theatre. Yes! You heard it right.

Later, the user has to take down the clip due to copyright infringement issues, but the brand new movie was up on Facebook for almost 80 minutes, right from the starting credits. The user has also shared a picture and claimed that over 20k people had streamed the movie within the first few minutes; 15K people shared the link.

This live streaming of movies has completely shocked the film industry and they have no clue how to combat this type of piracy. This is not the first time that this happened. Last year movies like Raees (which was the most pirated one), Kaabil, Toilet- Ek Prem Katha all have faced the same issue of piracy.


Raees ‘the most pirated movie of 2017’

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Piracy is not cool. The producers don’t get revenues and it’s not fair. They put their money, time and put risks to give us a good entertainer and what we do as an audience putting the movie illegally on various platforms. This is a clear example of  security lapse in our movie theatres which should be tightened immediately, So that this privacy issue should get stopped and movie makers get what they deserve.

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