Thursday, October 5

Photobiomodulation Will Soon Heal Burn Wounds

Hands get burnt many times while doing kitchen work and other fire-related works. It takes a long time for a burn wound to heal. But now a new way of treating wounds caused by burns has been discovered. A study led by an international team of scientists has come to the fore. According to that study, Light therapy or photobiomodulation stimulates the growth of a protein that speeds up the healing of wounds caused by burns.


Praveen Aranya, the lead researcher of this study and the Assistant Professor in the Oral Biology,  UB School of Dental Medicine said that these results may be helpful in treating burn injuries. This research study has been published in Scientific Reports. According to this, Photobiomodulation therapies are capable of reducing pain as well as in the process of wound healing. In this, the regeneration of tissues takes place rapidly, due to which the wounds heal quickly. Photobiomodulation is a type of low-dose light therapy. This increases the activation of a protein called TGFβ1. This protein controls the growth and division of cells. It has been successfully tested on rats.

Accordingly, around 6 million people in the world suffer from burn injuries every year.


What is the study?

In this study, the effect of photobiomodulation was assessed on third-degree burns over a period of nine days. Also, TGFβ1 stimulates various wound-healing cells. These cells include fibroblasts ( Fibroblasts secrete collagen proteins that are used to maintain a structural framework for many tissues) and macrophages (It is a type of white blood cell of the immune system that swallows and digests anything and fight infection).

Hundreds of clinical trials and thousands of academic papers have been produced on the effects of photobiomodulation in reducing pain and accelerating wound healing. Also, the Multinational Association for Supportive Care has recently recommended this.

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