Thursday, August 13

Passengers will be Able to Enjoy Mobile Services and Internet Services During the Flight.

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While travelling in an airplane, the phone and the Internet had to be shut down or put on flight mode. But , from now on you should not have to do this while on board. Telecom Commission has approved the proposal for mobile phone calls and internet services in air flights in the country. There are some conditions which they will disclose in the coming time.

mobile and internet services in the flight


Enjoy Mobile Services and Internet Services During the Flight-

Can you use your cell phone on a plane? Telecom Commission, the telecom department’s top decision-making body, With this step, the air travelers are expected to call from cell phones on planes or use the Internet to clear the way.

Facilities available at 3000 meters height

According to sources, TRAI has proposed that in-flight connectivity may be given to passengers when the airplane reaches a height of 3000 meters. A limit of 3000 meters has been set for it to avoid any constraints during the take off and landing of airplane. The flight reaches after 4 to 5 minutes of takeoff at 3000 meters altitude.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan told reporters that the proposal to create a post of telecom manager has been approved to deal with telecom complaints.

The proposed Lokpal will come under the Telecom Regulatory Authority, this will amend the  TRAI legislation. It is worth mentioning that at least one crore complaints are received every quarter in the telecom sector.

Is There Internet on Planes?

This is a great news for airplane passengers. In the past, they have to switch off their cell phones for security reasons and due to this a number of important calls and texts were missed. But, with this step the problem has been solved. Measures like this which helps the commuters should be taken more often. We, hope that this will be a turning point for the Indian aviation industry.