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Parkinson’s Disease: Treat By Deep Brain Stimulation

The work of the mind is to receive and analyze the information received by the various senses and accordingly operate the body smoothly. For this, the brain carries out the necessary instructions through electrical waves affected in the network of countless nerves spread throughout the body. But when there is distortion in the brain, this analysis, and bodily movement goes out of control. Parkinson’s disease is the result of this dysregulation of the brain. It is a disease that progresses over time and affects the body’s functioning. Today we will talk about the technology used to treat Parkinson’s disease. See also, Migraine Disease: Symptoms, Cause, And Treatment

Parkinson's disease
Parkinson’s treat by DBS

Parkinson’s disease Treatment

Significant symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include mild tremors, muscle stiffness, and stiffness, slowing of physical activity. Although this disease is incurable, medicines help in controlling it. But when the symptoms of this disease become acute and medicines do not provide relief, then deep brain stimulation is a convenient option for Parkinson’s patients. So let us know what Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is.

What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

Deep brain stimulation is brain surgery. It is a neurosurgical procedure used to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Deep brain stimulation was recognized in 1997 as a treatment for tremors in Parkinson’s patients. After this, in 2002, it started being used in the increased symptoms of this disease. It is now being used to treat patients in whom the medicine becomes inactive.

In DBS, a special wire is implanted into points on the affected side of the brain. According to the need in this wire, the operation of the muscles is affected by giving electric current to the deformed microscopic points of the brain through 4 to 8 electrodes. In the second step, a neurostimulator(a pacemaker-like device) is placed under the skin in the upper part of the chest. Finally, the neurostimulator is connected to electrodes attached to the brain with the help of a wire from under the skin. The electric current generated by this device helps control abnormal brain activity.
One thing to also note here is that DBS only helps relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It cannot cure the disease completely.

For which patients is this helpful treatment?

Parkinson’s disease treatment: As Parkinson’s disease progresses, its severity increases in the patient. These uncontrolled movements further increase the face, arms, and legs. In this condition, the patient becomes completely unable to do his work. In such a situation, even the medicines stop working. Then, in this case, this Treatment Technique proves to be helpful.
An experienced neurologist should always do the treatment of this disease. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that DBS is not effective if the patient has depression, amnesia, or more weakness and Parkinson’s disease.

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