Sunday, April 2

Pakistani Students are Growing Up in the US, How Many Indian Students are Studying

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At present, about 2,11,703 Indian students are studying in different US universities. This information has come out in an official report recently released. In the case of foreign students who are studying in the US, India is in second place. China ranked first in this case, with 3,77,070 students studying in American universities. In this latest report on international students trends, it was reported that 49 percent of F & M students (franklin and marshall) in the US are either China (3,777,070 students) or India (2,11,703). The number of Pakistani students has increased from previous record.

Indian students, Pakistani students in US


Indian Students, Pakistani Students Growth – Asian Students in US has Marginally Increased-

During this period, a proportional increase in the number of students coming from China and India ranges from one percent to two percent. China sent 6,305 more students than before, whereas India sent 2,356 more students to study here. According to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (Sevis), 77 percent of the total international students come from Asia.

Indian students, Pakistani students growth in US


According to the report, despite the slow increase in the number of students coming from these countries. There has been some reduction in the number of Asian students who are studying in the US. This is because the number of students coming from Pakistan, Burma and Cambodia has increased but the number of students coming from Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Yemen has decreased, thus the number of total Asian students has come down

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