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Painful Story Of Nirma Detergent

Nirma detergent powder is a detergent mostly used in the medium family. Its Jingle Nirma Washing Powder, popular since the 90s, is still on people’s tongues. From children to elders, only this jingle used to remain on the tongue. Ever since this jingle ad came out, there has been a tremendous increase in the sales of Nirma detergent. Everyone just wanted to buy Nirma. But very few people would know that how did Nirma come to the market?

source: Kailash Surendranath

Nirma detergent is considered a symbol of a father keeping his daughter immortal. It’s 1969. Karsan Bhai Patel and his family lived in Gujarat. Karsan Bhai used to do a small government job. They had a daughter named ‘Nirupama’. The people of the house used to affectionately call her ‘Nirma‘. Karsan Bhai used to work during the day and used to make detergent at night. Once when Nirupama was coming from school, she died in an accident. Karsan Bhai and his entire family were filled with grief. Like every father, Karsan Bhai aspired that his daughter should grow up to earn her name, make her own identity. But fate had something else in mind. Karsan Bhai was very sad after Nirupama’s departure. But Karsan Bhai did not lose courage. He decided that he would give his daughter fame. And then it started with Nirma’s story.

Nirma detergent

He named the detergent which he made Nirma and put a beautiful photo of Nirma on its packet. At that time the price of other good detergents in the market was Rs 13 to 15. Karsan Bhai started selling his Nirma detergent for Rs 3. Thus it came as a good option for low-income people. After his work, he used to cycle to sell detergents. Gradually the identity of his Nirma spread all over Ahmedabad. But Karsan Bhai had to immortalize Nirma not only in Ahmedabad but all over India. For this, he made a great plan. He made a jingle for his detergent and promoted it in TV commercials. At the same time, he stopped the supply of Nirma from the entire market.

nirma detergent

This jingle slowly got on the tongue of the people and people started searching for Nirma detergent. But Nirma was not even in the market. Slowly his demand started increasing. And then Karsan Bhai brought Nirma to the market. After that Nirma broke all the records. Nirma was the best-selling washing powder that year. And it remained the best-selling detergent for the next several years. In this way, a father made his daughter immortal forever by making Nirma detergent.

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