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The Inspiring Oprah Winfrey Biography

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Mention Oprah Winfrey and the first thing that comes to mind is the Oprah Winfrey show. One of the top rated talk shows of American television which lasted for 25 years crowning Oprah as the “queen of media”. Not everything came easy to Oprah. The early struggles of her life laid down a solid foundation. She worked hard to get to this the position.

Oprah Winfrey Life Story-

The life story of Oprah is no less interesting than her talk show. She was born to teenage parents in the southern town of Kosciusko, Mississippi, in 1954. Oprah spent her childhood in utter poverty. She spent the first six years of her life with her grand-mother.  Oprah Winfrey was so poor that she would wear dresses made out of potato sacks.

Oprah Winfrey childhood


At the age of thirteen she went to live with her father and received education. She won an oratory contest, which secured her a full scholarship to Tennessee State University, a historically black institution. Here she studied performing arts and speech communication. At the age of 19 she started to work at the local television. After getting early success she went ahead to start her own talk show, The Oprah Winfrey show.  This show broke several records and won her many accolades.

Oprah Winfrey Production Company-
Oprah proceeded to form her own production company harpo, Inc., in the year 1986. Harpo is oprah spelled backwards.  Apart from producing its own popular talk show her company produced several other shows like the television drama “the Brewster place” and miniseries. In September 1996 she stated an “on air reading club”. The official Oprah Winfrey biography is available in an interactive form on her site. Oprah Winfrey’s movies are far-fetched but widely acclaimed. Oprah’s stint with acting started in 1985 with the Steven Spielberg movie colour purple. She also acted in made for television movies like Before woman had wings (1997), There are no children here, The women of Brewster place (1989) and most recently A wrinkle in time (2018). She also has lent her voice to animated feature films, including Charlotte’s Web (2006), Bee Movie (2007) and The Princess and the Frog (2009)

the women of brewster place oprah winfrey


Oprah Winfrey Entrepreneur-
A self-made billionaire Oprah has all the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. After the huge success of her production company she co-founded a cable station called “oxygen” and started the Oprah Winfrey network popularly termed as OWN. She has authored 5 books and publishes O’ the Oprah magazine. Her web-site has on an average 70 million views a month. Today she is estimated worth 2.8 billion US dollars and is the richest female African-American to make to the Forbes 500 list of most influential persons.

Oprah Winfrey Magazine


Oprah Winfrey Foundation-
The Oprah Winfrey foundation Formally the Winfrey leadership academy foundation is a tax deductible charity donating a bulk of their contributions to educational causes, including charter schools, programs that support African-American students, and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa. Her philanthropic activities have garnered her a lot of admiration.

Oprah Winfrey Foundation


Oprah Winfrey Wedding / Partner-

Before merriage winfrey had so many relationship with the others. After meeting with her boyfriend Stedman Graham, they decided to live together in 1986. They engaged as a married couple in November 1992, but did not marry.

Oprah Winfrey Partner


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