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Opening fixed deposit account with PNB

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PNB (Punjab National Bank) stands second in the banking sector in India. With thousands of branches spread across the country, it is providing flexible and convenient methods to the common man for banking. Additionally, the attractive rate of interests offered by the bank is one among several characteristics that are helping it to build customer portfolio even when there is significant competition in the market.

Opening fixed deposit

Opening fixed deposit with PNB is a quick procedure. The information provided in the continuing paragraphs is helpful for everyone who is looking to open the account. Firstly, an individual can open the account through online or offline. Secondly, fixed deposit is a significant and secure procedure to increase wealth. It holds true for the middle-income group of the society who find it difficult to invest in the market.

Open Fixed Deposit in PNB


The only downside to the account is that the holder cannot close the account after opening for the stated tenure. In simple words, they have to wait until the date of the maturity. However, the flexible nature provides the chance to choose between days, months, and years for opening the account. Netpnb comes with great options for your every banking needs.

Opening by visiting the branch

An individual can visit a nearby office, whether holding an account with the bank or not and seek information related to the same. For account holders, the process becomes easy, as the bank has complete details about the individual. For non-account holders, submission of the following documents is necessary:

  1. Photographs
  2. Identity proof
  3. Address proof
  4. PAN card copy

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The officer at the branch will provide the opening form. He/she will explain the benefits along with the prevailing interest rates offered by the bank. The rates change according to the amount deposited and for the period. Longer periods and higher amounts attract higher interest rates. However, one should think carefully, as they cannot withdraw amount after opening the account.

Opening by using PNB website


PNB Internet Banking

PNB provides internet banking access to its customers. For those who do not possess one, applying for the same is a simple procedure. After receiving the ID and password, the account holder can log in to the website of the bank.

The home page displays several options along with the details of the account, including balance. From the menu bar, the user can choose “Manage Accounts” feature. Selecting this will open a plethora of options provided by PNB. From the same, the user can pick “open fixed deposit” option. Selecting it will open terms and conditions related to the same. Clicking “I Agree” is essential to continue the process.

In the next page, the bank will ask several options about the fixed deposit. It includes the selection of the standard account or tax saving account, the amount, the account from which the user can debit the amount to open the fixed deposit account, the amount, the period of fixed deposit account, and whether to renew upon maturity or credit to the selected account.

Depending on the needs, the user can fill the details accordingly. The user requires transaction password to complete the action. Upon entering the password, PNB opens the account successfully.

After maturing, the bank will either renew the amount or credit to the savings account, depending on the instructions left by the account holder.

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